• Monitoraggio traffico

    Vehicle counting and classification

Intelligent audio and video surveillance

Intelligent Surveillance
Softwares for audio and video analytics, developed with embedded technology, edge side or server side for intelligent surveillance systems that help to detect abnormal events: screams, gun shots, glass breaking; intrusion, loitering or crowding indoor places; area access control, not allowed stops or passages; unauthorized objects leaving or usage; smoke and fire detection. [More information]

Solutions for business intelligence

Vertical solutions
Products for audio and video analytic for data collection and elaboration of statistics about the customer activities and behaviors in shops or market centers or for big fair areas. Systems for counting moving people, crowd estimation and preferential pathway analysis generate events that are collected by an integrated platform aiming to help the evaluation of marketing strategies. [More information]


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Traffic monitoring

home traffic analysis
Audio and video monitoring, characterization and management of traffic through the counting and classification of vechicles that pass by certain user-defined areas and calculation of the actual speed. Detection of queues and their length estimation; recognition of abnormal driving, such as driving counterway, making a U-turn, sudden change of lane; detection of critical situations like hard brakings or presence of smoke and fire. [More information]


home services
Design of audio and video analysis systems through the proposal of analytic softwares, cameras and microphones; design of the data network, VMS and storage system; on-site configuration and tuning of the system and remote support; help desk customer care and remote update of the software; check of the security and privacy laws. Moreover, training and support programs for the configuration of our products and for the design and realization of surveillance systems. [More information]